I “Like” Running

I have tried to become a runner at least three times in the past 10 years.  I’ve run several 5k races and even did the Twin Cities Marathon 10-mile twice.   After my last attempt I finally decided that running was not my sport.  I focused on biking, yoga and using the elliptical machine at the gym, and even those attempts were somewhat half-baked and short lived.

Since Baby G’s arrival, exercise has been put on the back burner and as a result the baby weight is still kind of hanging on 10 months later.  Beyond that, the fact that I don’t get any form of regular exercise is pretty awful from a long-term health standpoint.

Upon finishing grad school in May I decided it was time to finally tackle getting into shape (I don’t say “back” because frankly I don’t think I was that in shape before having Baby G).   Between the demands of motherhood and 9+ hour days at the office I knew I needed something that was flexible, easy and effective.  After weighing all the options, I found myself coming the same conclusion over and over – run.

Despite my intense hatred for running, it has some major benefits that I can’t ignore:

  • I can do it whenever I have time.  There’s no class schedule, no hours of operation – I can get out and run whenever it works for me.
  • Baby G can tag along.  This was a key selling point for me.  G can’t really go to yoga with me (she’s outgrown baby yoga, which we both loved) and the hours for childcare at the gym are limited.  I also get to use our awesome Chariot stroller, which probably gives me some running street-cred right off the bat.
  • It gets me outside.  Being outdoors pretty much feeds my soul, no matter the reason.  Getting outside is definitely more appealing than spending an hour in a stuffy, stinky gym.
  • It’s cheap.  Yoga classes can be $15 or more per class and a gym membership runs around $50/month.  To run, all I need are shoes and some pavement.

Next on the list – a plan for getting started.  I got a fabulous running book from my Mom circa 1978 that is already proving to be both entertaining and informational.  More to come!


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