Organic Food is a Sham…Or is It?

According to the news media and some researchers at Stanford, organic food is a bunch of bunk.  That’s right, you might as well just have thrown away all that money you’ve been spending on organic food.  Shame on you for thinking you were so awesome and superior.  Guess what – you’re not.

Or so they would have you think.

What I gather from reading various articles on the Stanford study is this:

  • Organic food doesn’t have more nutrients than non-organic food
  • Organic food isn’t less likely to be contaminated with bacteria
  • Regular foods have more pesticide residue than organic foods, but that’s okay because they’re at a “safe” levels according to the EPA

Fair enough.  But I’m still not convinced.

I don’t buy organic all the time, and I certainly don’t buy everything organic (I find it hard to believe that organic boxed macaroni and cheese is any better for me than that good old blue box).  But when it comes to things like milk and produce, especially the dirty dozen, I try to buy organic when I can.

Why?  It’s not because I think it’s more nutritious.  And it’s not because I’m worried my family is going to die from salmonella or E. coli.   It’s because I’m not convinced that the pesticide residue, hormones and who-knows-what-else in our food today isn’t going to hurt me or my family.

There’s a lot of information out there both for and against these ideas, but what I know is this.  100 years ago we didn’t have all the crap in our food that’s there today.  We don’t know what it does to our bodies over time.

I know that, in spite of being the healthiest person I know, my mother got diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 52.

I know that my family is the most important thing in the whole world to me and if there’s anything I can do that might make their lives a little bit better and healthier, I will do it.

I know that health is a gift and I intend to do my best to maintain and enjoy the healthy life I’ve been given.

So I’ll continue to buy my organic spinach and milk, knowing that it might be money wasted, but it may also very well be the best money I ever spent.


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