Back in the Saddle, Again

I had big plans for this blog last year…a couple of times.  I was going to post three times a week, chronicling my adventures in whole living.   I was going to become a green domestic goddess and take fabulous photographs of my accomplishments.  I was going to write more than once every 2 months.

But life got in the way.

In October, my husband accepted a new job in Alabama and so began our whirlwind moving adventure.  In the span of 6 weeks we moved out of our house in Minnesota, staged it, sold it, moved down to Alabama and into an apartment, bought a new place, moved out of our apartment and into our new house.


Needless to say I haven’t had much time for blogging in the past few months what with all the moving and such.  It’s been a long, hard road to get here but we are finally feeling a bit more settled and ready to make this new place our home.

With this new chapter in our family comes a big change in my professional life.  In November, after nearly six years, I left my job in Minnesota.  I have been focusing on our move and taking care of our daughter since then.  The time with Georgia has been so special and it has helped me prioritize what is most important at this stage in my life – my family.  My daughter is already 18 months old and the time has flown by faster than I’d like to admit.  She changes so fast and I get to witness the subtleties of her growing up everyday, an experience that is nothing short of incredible.

There are of course days that aren’t so wonderful too, filled with tantrums, food on the walls and reading Curious George and the Bunny for the billionth time.    Those are the days I miss working outside the home.

So I’m currently attempting to have the best of both worlds – stay home with my daughter and pursue freelance contract work at the same time.  I’m lucky enough to be able to give this a go, which isn’t something a lot of families can say, especially these days.  It’s scary and exciting, but I’m ready for the challenge.

That said, I’m not ready to give up on my whole living adventures or this blog.  Now that the dust has settled and things are becoming clearer, I have a renewed energy (again) for writing here.  I’m excited for all the new beginnings in my life and what this year has in store!


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