The Lexicon of a 3-year-old

One of the most charming and hilarious things about my 3-year-old is how she creates, misuses and confuses words.  Aside from being her personal chef, stylist and teacher, I also strive to serve as her lexicographer, compiling a dictionary so the outside world can understand her.  And have a few laughs.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Old MacDonald’s:  The Golden Arches.

Appetizer: Any food eaten before a meal at any location other than the kitchen table. A bite of dinner in the kitchen that is eaten 30 seconds before dinner is served at the table is considered an appetizer.

Nappetizer: A pretend, 5-second nap taken before mealtime.

Sharsharisa: Any word in Spanish when the actual Spanish translation is unknown.

Mustachios:  Pistachio nuts.  Not a mustache-shaped breakfast cereal.

Muppets: Any and all puppets.

And, my all-time favorite:

Fascist:  Fashionable.  As in “I look so fascist today!”.



Inspired by The Daily Post: Play Lexicographer


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