You know that feeling you get when you’re home?  It’s a contented, happy feeling.   You can relax because you are in a safe place, the one place in the world where you can completely be yourself, enjoy yourself, and nothing else.  Like no matter what the day has done to you, you get to come back to home base and recharge.  The world can be tough, battering, brutal and unyielding.  Sometimes it has just been A DAY.  But there is always home.  There is always the promise of warmth and love and the familiar to wipe away all the bad.

It’s easy to take that for granted until, one day, you don’t have it.  Home just isn’t there.  It’s on a moving truck somewhere in the New Mexico desert.  Maybe you’ve lost it because you’ve been wandering for so long.  Maybe the very essence of what made it home is gone and even though the place is the same, what’s inside is anything but.  Home becomes an abstract thought, floating through space and always just out of reach.  You ache for it, you wish for it, you dream about it, but every day you wake up and it just isn’t there.

You find comfort in knowing that, one day, you’ll find home again.  You have to believe that, because without that hope you feel like you might just float away.  For when you’re un-tethered to the earth, it’s hard to keep your feet on the ground.

Being human is a lot like being a hot air balloon preparing for takeoff.  You have ropes that keep you anchored – your home, your family, your friends, your passions.  Each rope is unique and pulls its own weight, keeping you grounded.

The ropes loosen, allowing you to fly on your own, but they also bring you back to the ground and keep you from floating away into nothingness. The ropes all work together, providing equal balance and support to your balloon.

When one is frayed, or cut, or even missing, you simply can’t fly properly.  Your balloon is sideways and crooked and upside down and carrying you through a tornado to the Land of Oz.

But, if you work hard enough, look hard enough, you can fix it.  Repair the rope, find the missing tether, and get your balloon right side up and on your way home.


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